Clark County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Hit-and-Run Involving Horse and Buggy

Clark County Sheriff’s Office Responds to Hit-and-Run Involving Horse and Buggy


On April 14, 2024, at approximately 6:30 PM, officers from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office swiftly responded to a hit-and-run accident between a horse-and-buggy and another vehicle on US Route 31 in Henryville, Indiana.

The vehicle fled the scene, leaving behind the buggy operators, who sustained injuries and required immediate medical attention.

“Our priority was to ensure their well-being and swiftly address the situation. The individuals operating the buggy were promptly transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. Meanwhile, our officers identified the suspect operating the truck that
left the scene,” said Clark County Sheriff Scottie Maples. 

The alleged perpetrator has been identified as Wade Roberts, aged 61, of Henryville.

Roberts was apprehended and remanded to the Clark County Jail on April 15, 2024 for leaving the scene of an accident causing injury.

He is currently awaiting a court hearing.

All suspects, including Roberts, are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

This unfortunate incident reminds us of the importance of vigilance and responsibility on our roads, particularly where horse-led buggies are prevalent.

Sheriff Maples and the entire Clark County Sheriff’s Office urge all community members to exercise caution and operate their vehicles with heightened awareness, especially when encountering horse-led vehicles.

Every individual’s safety is paramount, and we must all do our part to prevent such incidents.

Sheriff Maples and his team remain steadfast in ensuring justice for all community members.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to uphold the law and safeguard the well-being of our residents,” Maples said.