New Laws Go Into Effect Today

New Laws Go Into Effect Today


More than 250 new state laws take effect today — including a few unusual ones.

Starting Monday, the penalty for minors boarding a riverboat casino is scaled back from a misdemeanor to an infraction — that carries a fine, but no jail time.
School bus drivers will have to explain each semester how to fasten your seat belt, on buses which have them.
Hunters will be allowed to use silencers. Indiana Deer Hunters Association president Joe Bacon says manufacturers sought the change — his group took no position.

Legislators instructed the Department of Natural Resources to redefine what a minnow is. Bait dealers must follow laws on shipping and handling minnows.

The D-N-R says a definition passed in 1995 goes beyond biological minnow species, but uses language that’s too ambiguous.

Another new law allows motorsports trailers to be four feet longer and three feet wider than other trailers.

South Bend-area legislators passed a law limiting the potential liability of the Compton Family Ice Arena, which Notre Dame opened in 2011.

Most new Indiana laws take effect on July 1 because it‘s the start of the state fiscal year.