Snoring may annoy your spouse, but it can also mean a danger to yourself.

Dr. Adam Fisch, a neurologist with J-W-M Neurology in Indianapolis and board-certified sleep specialist, says while snoring may be simply an annoyance, it could also be a warning sign for sleep apnea. He says studies are showing that sleep apnea is becoming more and more common. He says in the past, experts may have said one in 20 people have sleep apnea, but now it‘s more common in one in four people.

Dr. Fisch says the best and most common form of treatment is C-PAP therapy which involves the patient wearing a mask that opens up the airways. He says dentists can make can make oral devices to pull the jaw forward to get air flow in and Ear, Nose & Throat doctors can snip the uvulua to open up the airway.

Dr. Fisch says sleep apnea can disrupt your sleep structure which means you‘ll wake up from a less restful slumber. He says if you snore, have daytime sleepiness, wake up gasping for air or if someone sees you not breathing while you sleep, you should see a doctor to get checked out.