EPA regulations Could Hurt Midwest Power

EPA regulations Could Hurt Midwest Power


A coal electricity proponent believes new EPA regulations on power plants could negatively affect the economy of Indiana and may other states.

Mike Duncan is President and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) and he says new EPA regulations would require new coal plants to have a technology called “carbon sequestration”.

Duncan says the technology is not proven and no coal plants in the world are currently using the technology. Duncan says the regulations could “devastate” the economy of Indiana since 86-percent of Indiana electricity is generated by coal.


Duncan also says the EPA is holding a multi-state listening tour about the new regulations, but is not holding the sessions in states that generate, or use, the largest amount of coal, including Indiana.

Duncan wants the EPA to have an open mind about clean coal technology and to hold listening sessions in states like West Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana. Duncan says the new regulations could go into effect for new coal plants within the next fiscal quarter.

He says the EPA will then focus on existing coal plants, which he says would cause more problems for states like Indiana.