Hoosier Experts Weigh in on NSA

Hoosier Experts Weigh in on NSA


Two Indiana political science experts say the National Security Administration spying allegations involving 35 countries may be more drama than substance.

Dr. Frank Emmert of IU‘s Robert McKinney School of Law says he‘s not too surprised that the U.S. may have been listening in on numerous foreign leader phone calls including German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her personal cellphone.


Emmert says he‘s sure most countries are spying on one another in multiple ways.

Emmert says spying on foreign leaders‘ personal cellphones may be questionable, but he adds it comes with the landscape and the U.S. will be able repair damaged relationships.

However, he says relations will be strained and trust will be more difficult.  Meantime, Rose Hulman Institute‘s Dr. Terrence Casey says the U.S. will be able to salvage relations, but he adds that U.S. intelligence often relies on cooperation which may be affected.

Casey says trust is very important in foreign relations and direct spying on specific leaders is problematic.