Scam Artist Arrested For $128,000 Fraud on Indianapolis Woman

Scam Artist Arrested For $128,000 Fraud on Indianapolis Woman


On August 22, 2015 Indiana State Police investigators arrested Carnelle Dewayne Rutledge on charges filed in Marion County for Corrupt Business Influence, a Class C Felony and Theft, a Class C Felony.

Rutledge is accused of defrauding an Indianapolis woman out of more than $128,000 after meeting her on an online dating site. The arrest occurred near his Ft. Wayne, Indiana home. user29396-1441136428-media1

Information obtained during the investigation revealed that Rutledge allegedly met the victim on the “Plenty of Fish” online dating site. He is accused of fraudulently portraying himself as a sports agent and stealing more than $128,000 from her in a four month period between September and December 2011.

He allegedly told the woman the money was used for business purposes that involved high profile sports figures such as NBA player Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzly’s and NFL Indianapolis Colts prospect, Andrew Luck.

Rutledge told the victim that she would be repaid.  Two other individuals that were introduced to the victim as Damon Bryant and Debra Thomas may be involved in this crime.

The sports personalities are victims as well in that their names were used to perpetuate the crime without their knowledge and they have no connection to the suspect.

Anyone with information regarding potential victims who may have been defrauded through this alleged scam or similar activity is asked to contact Sergeant Jack W. Bedan, of the Indiana State Police at (317) 232-6867.