IU Police Investigating Two Attempted Abductions

IU Police Investigating Two Attempted Abductions


Indiana University Police are investigating two attempted abductions on the Indiana University campus.

The first abduction attempt took place around 12:10 a.m. near Bart Kaufman Field and gate 11 of Memorial Stadium.

Police say the female student was walking along State Road 45/46 Bypass near Bart Kaufman Field at 1873 N Fee Lane. The 20-year-old woman reported a
black male at approximately 6 feet tall wearing a dark gray T-shirt and dark pants while driving a black Toyota sedan, attempted to force her into his vehicle.

According to police, the vehicle pulled up behind her and the male asked her if she needed help. That’s when he attempted to grab her. She was able to roll into a ditch and escape with a minor injury.

The vehicle was last seen going eastbound on the bypass.

The second abduction happened around 1 a.m. near gate 7 of Memorial Stadium.

A 19-year-old female student reported she was walking along the side path of Dunn Street when three men in an older black Jeep Cherokee pulled up to her and one of the men asked if she needed a ride.

Police says she told the man no and that is when one of the men got out of the car, hit her in the face, knocking her to the ground. The female was able to escape, but lost a tooth during the assault.

The student told police one of the men, who was in his 20s, had dark hair and was wearing a purple sports jersey. No descriptions of the other two suspects were available.

Anyone with information are asked to call police.