Screenagers Documentary to be Shown at Salem High School

Screenagers Documentary to be Shown at Salem High School


Did you know that teens spend an average of 6.5 hours a day in front of a digital screen? And this does not include school or homework time. How is all this screen time affecting teens, how much is too much, and how can we find balance?

Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age is a new documentary that explores the impact of digital screen time on students’ academics, relationships and personal development. Most importantly, it offers tips on ways that families can manage this technology in their lives.

The film will be shown at Salem High School on Tuesday, May 2 at 6 pm and is open to all Washington County residents. There will be refreshments and a discussion afterwards. 

There is no charge for admission, but in order to plan for seating, reservations are encouraged through the Screenagers link at

Please click the FREE button to reserve your seats.

Physician and filmmaker Delaney Ruston says the idea for the movie came to her while struggling with her own children over the use of screen time. As a physician she wanted to understand the science of tech time on children’s development, and as a mom she wanted to know what to do about it.

The resulting film is an eye-opening look at ways digital screen time has taken hold in our lives. Ruston discusses the issue with parents, scientists, mental health professionals, and kids, including her own, in an attempt to get a handle on the enormous shift taking place in how tweens and teens interact with the world and each other. “This is the parenting issue of our time,” says Ruston. “Tech on its own isn’t bad, but it’s bad when it’s out of balance.”

The film has received high praise. Author Dave Eggers calls the film a “sympathetic and sane look at the way millions of teens are struggling with phones and games and technology in general. The teens themselves speak about their own concerns and solutions.” Melinda Gates, spouse of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, comments, "As the mother of three kids—two of them teenagers—I’ve noticed that whenever I get together with other parents, the conversation ends up turning to our kids’ screen time. We’re all worried about how much is too much…I loved the documentary, Screenagers. It combines smart insights and practical tips for raising happy, healthy, technologically-empowered teens.

Instead of showing Screenagers at theaters, the film is being released only to sponsoring community groups. Ruston wants the film to be “a vehicle to bring together parents, educators and kids so that change can happen not just in our homes but in our schools and communities.”

Salem Community Schools is pleased to have been selected to participate and is offering this opportunity to all Washington County parents, students and community members. Refreshments will be served prior to the film and a discussion will follow.

Seats may be reserved by following the Screenagers registration link at or by calling Salem High School at 812-883-3904.