Jackson County Man Ran Over By Tractor; Flown to Hospital

Jackson County Man Ran Over By Tractor; Flown to Hospital


A 59-year-old Jackson County man was ran over by his John Deere tractor this morning and flown to Methodist Hospital. 

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a farm accident this morning at 9:13a at 4400 South of County Road 400 East in Grassy Fork Township. 

Officer Adam Nicholson was the first to arrive at the scene and found Kevin A. Hackman had been ran over by his tractor. 

Police learned that the accident occurred when Hackman attempted to start the tractor while standing on the ground. The tractor took off upon starting. 

A friend of Hackman’s, Brian Elliott, told police he found Hackman in the yard, who was complaining of leg and chest pain. 

Elliott told police the tractor was still running when he arrived, and ran into the residence. 

Elliott shut the tractor down and then attended to Hackman until emergency personnel arrived. 

Jackson County Officer Rob Henley, and Jackson County EMS arrived and began providing medical treatment to Hackman. 

Hackman was transported to the helicopter pad outside Schneck Medical Center and airlifted to Indianapolis.