Eastern Schools Closing Until April 10, West Washington Waiting on Further...

Eastern Schools Closing Until April 10, West Washington Waiting on Further Direction


All three Washington County School Superintendents met this morning with the Washington County Health Nurse and both Salem and East Washington Schools have decided to close beginning Monday, March 16, 2020.

East Washington School Corporation will be closed through April 10. 

“While our classrooms are empty, our work on behalf of children will continue,” said Dennis Stockdale, Superintendent of East Washington Schools.

Stockdale said EWSC will be utilizing eLearning days during this scheduled closure. 

All Eastern school building activities including school day instruction, child care, preschool, athletics/sports, health services, enrichment, etc. are canceled. 

West Washington School Superintendent Keith Nance sent out a video message through the school’s Facebook page. 

“Myself and the school board have been in constant communication and we have had meetings – I have had meetings with the county superintendents and with local health department officials. We are still in a situation where the virus has been confirmed in Indiana. With the level of concern, we are updating our level of response as a Level 3. We are waiting for further direction from the Governor’s office, the Indiana Department of Education or the local department of health to make the determination of any potential school closures.”

Nance said that could happen anytime – in hours or days. 

“I want you guys to know we will have several different levels of closure. First of those would be closed to students. We would have the staff here. All this information would be communicated with our All Call System, email and social media. At this point, we will be open on Monday. Decisions could change over the weekend.”

“This is a decision we will not make lightly. That’s why we’re waiting on further guidance,” said Nance.