Salem Park and Rec Delays Little League Season

Salem Park and Rec Delays Little League Season


Salem Park and Recreation Director Brande Abbott announced this afternoon that the Little League Baseball season and all Park and Rec activities would be delayed until further notice.

“In the interest of public health, our kids involved with extracurricular activities,” said Abbott. “Salem Park and Recreation will follow suit of the Salem Communities Schools.”

Salem Schools announced this afternoon the school would be closed beginning this Monday, March 16 until after Spring Break. 

East Washington Schools announced its closure through April 10. 

West Washington School hasn’t made a determination about when or if it will close at this time. 

Many Indiana schools (as well as those around the US) have been closing to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus, which has turned up around the Hoosier State this week. 

Many sporting events have been cancelled or delayed until the situation can be evaluated further.